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A photograph is a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone...

When you’re looking through the lens of a camera, you’re quite literally seeing the world through a new perspective.

Photography has shown me many new dimensions of life!

I have started to appreciate light, if you’re anyone like me, then the morning is not your friend! Instead, evenings are the best time to be productive, work, and simply get stuff done!

However, the reality of the situation is that, the best light can be found at the golden hour- i.e. the time around dawn and dusk.

It all started with my urge to shoot everything I see. My unfamiliarity made me feel that I am coming up with something novel. But it is only later I realized that I took a bunch of average pictures.


It is really about “interpreting” and “filtering” the world, so your images have your own personal “voice” to them. Before I even reach for my camera, I take a moment (sometimes one whole day) to enjoy the scene… and then really think about what about the scene makes it special to me and freeze it with my camera.


Travelling helps me to challenge myself, travel is the ideal place to test myself. It pushes me to the limits and gets me outside my comfort zone.


I discovered how resourceful I am when exposed to new places, people and experiences.


Maybe it’s finding your way around a busy city. Or ordering a meal when you don’t speak the language. Or finding your way out through the rain forests of India. Or just getting lost in the beauty of nature.

I always feel pride when I finish my trip successfully. Overcoming challenges brings me joy and energy for my day to day routines and made me realize how capable I am and build my confidence.


The magical thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back. I started to appreciate the little things we have taken for granted. Being away from things we often take for granted -- family, close friends, home -- made me appreciate them more.

No one enjoys listening to your envy-inducing travel stories more than your friends, I always love to share about whatever place with which I've just fallen in love. It always makes me proud when you see your photos being kept as wallpapers and screensavers in your friend's laptops and mobiles.

- Vikram vel

What is vkrms photography all about?

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